Art16 | London’s Global Art Fair
Olympia London
May 20th – 22nd 2016

Pupils In The Fog

“Airy, fluid, transparent and transformative zones compose the spacious paintings of Beverly Barkat… The blurred, amorphous, evasive or vitreous character of her lines and brush-strokes take the Modernist Art-Historical references to a further dynamic level.”

“When an equine shadow and two piercing eyes are evoked through the foggy space, its whole presence and empty environment are supposed to be perceived as the horse’ breath, perspiration, exhalation, and the expressions of his physical and mental existence. It is the animalistic and animistic potency of the horse: this royal and bestial, mighty and submissive, tamed and wild animal that enlivens the abstract painting’s tongue, bringing back its Appolinian-Dyonisian Spirit.”

Sarit Shapira, Curator and Theorist of Contemporary Art
February 2016

#246, Oil on canvas, detail, 2015

#244, Oil on canvas, detail, 2015

Guardian, Oil on canvas, detail, 2015