Screening Layers
Artists’ House, Tel Aviv
December 5th – 28th, 2013

Screening Layers

“Barkat’s painterly drawing or draughtsman-like painting, defies definitions separating drawing from painting, linearity from color spots, or distinctions based on materials. She creates works which constantly track new frontiers, diving inwards to the black hole of unconsciousness. This is a journey taking place on expansive sheets of paper, and occasionally on canvas, in realms of ambivalence and memory.

The painting alternately approaches and distances itself from the familiar and identifiable, anchored in deep attentive listening. Barkat adopts a Janus-like gaze in her art, looking at past and future, backwards and forwards, inwards and outwards, to create a transition between calm and turbulence, the existing and the ephemeral.

Barkat’s works are neither night nor day – they challenge the notion of linear time. The movement in the works insinuates rockslides, contours of dissolving human bodies, an abyss, a molten core, the silence after a struggle.”

Smadar Sheffi, Curator
December 2013


#178, Charcoal on paper, detail, 2011

#163, Charcoal on paper, detail, 2013

Vernissage of the Screening Layers exhibition, Artists’ House, Tel Aviv, 2013